Every year the web design industry goes through a series of trends that either last a few months or become a benchmark for a new generation of design. Last year, we saw the continued surge in responsive websites. Nowadays it’s almost a necessity to have your website be responsive and compatible on all devices. Last month we covered other trends such as hero image banners, video backgrounds and more. But what should we be expecting this year?

Flat UI
Flat design has been around for a long time, and in recent years has kicked its predecessor, chromed web designs, to the curb. In 2013, popularity for the minimalism style began to swell due to the drastic style changes of OS X and Windows 8. Since then there’s been a consistent trend of flat UI on apps and websites, and in 2015 all signs show that we’re going to see more and more websites adopt flat UI.  As sites and apps have become responsive, flat designs have become a great option for rendering clear and legible information at all sizes.

Video Backgrounds
Video backgrounds started to rise in popularity around the later half of 2014 after HTML5 introduced the <video> tag, which made it easier to include videos on websites. Video backgrounds are perfect for showcasing your projects, products or services and catches the eye of your viewer straight away, and technology advances, we can expect to see more and more websites implement videos to better engage their audience.

Big Typography
As the overall trend of design has become about minimalism, there has been a surge in bold in-your-face text on web designs, providing a simple hook illustrated with an eye-grabbing image. Big Typography demands attention as people visit a site and are immediately delivered a clear message about what the site offers. Naturally, as with all current trends, it also goes hand in hand with readability on hand-held devices, which scale down to even the smallest phones without compromising legibility.

Overall, the current trends all focus on simplicity, being catchy, direct and to the point, yet impressing a clear style at the same time. We’re looking forward to the continued evolution of web design in 2015 and beyond!