There was a time not so long ago when most people would shop at their local retail store. Then with the rise of the Internet, soon came the rise of online shopping. Fast forward to present day and everything has changed – now 85% of the world’s population do their shopping online. Whether you’re for it or against it, e-commerce is here to stay, but it’s nothing to be fearful of. The evolution of shopping online has brought many conveniences to both the customer and the business owner, and here’s 3 simple reasons as to why.


1. Low Management Costs

For many businesses, some of the biggest expenses come from floor space. When you want your store to have the best location, costs inflate even further. Development of an e-Commerce website can become a wise investment as it saves expenses on checkouts, delivery operations and other operational processes that can be fully automated online.


2. Convenience

Nowadays, lifestyles are busier and convenience is attractive to customers.  Instead of driving 30 minutes, sitting in traffic, paying for parking and shopping just to buy one item, customers can easily order online and have the same item delivered in a matter of clicks. With the proliferation of Internet-capable devices, we now have access to just about everything we need, wherever we go. If you’re only available to offer your products and services around your immediate location, you could be closing the door to a large, lucrative customer base.


3. Constant business

The Internet never sleeps, so your sales don’t need to either. With an online storefront, customers can buy from you all around the clock!


Of course, not all businesses and individual circumstances are suited to e-commerce, but if you’re looking for a new opportunity to reach more customers, an e-commerce website could be low-hanging fruit, ripe for the picking.