When you’re busy doing the heavy lifting in your business, it can be very easy to neglect your social media networks. Having a company Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn that sits idly gathering dust may indicate to potential customers that the business is stagnant, or worse, has closed down.  Here’s some quick tips in finding time to keep everything updated.

Create a routine. Pick a time during the day to check on social media, be it your morning start, lunch break or afternoon when everything starts to calm down. Setting an alarm on your phone or computer as a reminder can help you get into the habit of checking in regularly and at structured times.

Integrate your social media into your website. If you have a blog feature on your website, you can look at connecting all your accounts to your blog posts. This means that you can make a post on your blog and it will automatically update to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn at the same time.  Remember the COPE principle – Create Once, Publish Everywhere!

Queue your posts. For WordPress users, when writing a blog post, you can set an exact time and date in which you want an announcement or article to be released. Setting up all of your posts in advance can allow you to be prepared and not need to worry about clearing your schedule to make sure announcements and articles are being made on the right day or time.