Minimalist design is not just a trend, it is timeless style of communication.  As a stylistic choice, it aligns highly with the needs of web design, but why is it so effective?

At its core, your website is a conversation between your business and your customer.  By employing minimalist design, you can ensure your users are easily able to understand the message that is being conveyed, without distractions.  Like any conversation, clear communication is crucial to your success, and this principle of content-first design forms the foundations of minimalist methodology.

Minimalist web design manipulates the user’s visual flow, through use of contrast, negative space, dramatic typography, deliberate colour palettes, visual harmony, balance and careful organisation to direct the user on the desired journey of a website always keeping the focus of the user on the message being conveyed.  

In a minimalistic website, you should be considerate of what conversation you are looking to convey with your customer, and the business message should be refined to the bare essentials.  Each element of your design should be carefully considered for requirement and if it reinforces the message, and by eliminating distractions, the user will be able to clearly and quickly follow the dialogue of the content.

A minimalistic website will also present your customers with a cleaner interface for navigation and user flow.  Often, websites will cram in too many elements together without enough breathing space, making it difficult to read and navigate.  This is particularly true when cramped websites and viewed on mobile devices, with tap targets being too small or too close together.

From a technical perspective, making use of minimalism has a significant added benefit by being more lightweight, which means your website will perform better and load much faster than bloated, feature-rich and design-heavy websites.  Google statistics have proven sales and conversion rates plummet with each successive second of load speed, and in today’s busy world, your customers will appreciate the lightning-fast responsiveness of a streamlined web design!

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