When it comes to technology, almost everything we do will require a password. It’s so built into our modern lifestyle you probably haven’t even noticed how many times you’ve needed one today. But when you need a password for your Twitter, Facebook, email, Skype, computer, phone, bank, business email, personal email, Youtube and whatever other myriad of sites you may have an account on, it quickly becomes unfeasible to maintain airtight security. In fact, as the statistics go, over 50% of Internet users actually use the same password for most, if not all websites!

Yet obviously, using the same password for everything is heavily frowned upon by web security experts, and for good reason. So how can we better manage secure passwords and remember them all?

It’s no secret that people often shun the notion of writing down your passwords on paper as they’re liable to be copied or stolen, but leaving them on your computer can also face similar problems.
One alternative that is becoming more widespread is the use of password management programs.  These programs act as a gatekeeper that will store all of your passwords securely, allowing you to reduce the risk of hacker-side theft of your credit cards, datas, or even your identity.

As technology progresses, biological data access such as fingerprinting and retina scans are becoming more widespread, adding a unique and higher level of security. Until these are commonplace though, we’ll be continuing to juggle different passwords in our memory. Manage them effectively and keep them safe!