When it comes to businesses, sharing and communication can become rather complex. Between Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive there are many platforms that can work for data sharing. When working on projects with our clients, we’re always looking to streamline the process of file sharing, and keeping everything in the one place. Earlier this month Google announced a number of updates and goals they had in mind for how to better optimise their platforms for business usability. In this case, Google Drive is receiving a bit of an upgrade to be more accessible for businesses.

One of the bigger changes is the implementation of Team Drives, which are shared spaces for teams to easily store, search and access their files anywhere from any device. In the past Google Drive has focused more on personal productivity than the needs of larger companies or businesses, where content nowadays needs to be accessible by multiple organisations, with varying levels of access. New levels of user access permissions will be able to provide greater control, keeping your files exactly as accessible as you deem at a public, team, or individual level.

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