So you’ve built a fantastic new website, it’s picking up steam and you’re starting to get some traffic coming through, maybe your sales reps are getting some more calls than before…

What else can your website do for you?

If you haven’t already, you should set up some data analytics software for your website.  There’s plenty out there to choose from, but for a great (and free!) platform, Google Analytics ( is an easy and powerful solution.  Analytics will track everything from how customers found your website, what devices they used, where in the world they were browsing from, and literally hundreds of other metrics to help you understand how your customers are using your website.

Whether you want to know which pages are most popular on your website, or your repeat visitor vs new visitor ratio, Analytics data has it all!  Advanced users can even set up sales “funnels” that can tell you which pages are bringing in the most enquiries; if you have an online shopping cart, it can even tell you exactly how many customers drop out of your “funnel” at each step of your website’s checkout procedure!

All Web Ignite websites are compatible with Google Analytics integration – for more information, call or e-mail our friendly team.