While Windows 10 has been all the rage in recent months, it’s not perfect and comes with a few flaws. One of the issues that’s sitting uncomfortably with new users is Windows Forced Automatic Updates. Right now if you’re on the older systems, you can pick and choose when you want to update and restart, yet for some reason Windows 10 makes every update mandatory. While it’s arguable for security updates to be mandatory, there have already been instances where system updates have caused more harm than good (http://onforb.es/1OILULq).

Lovers of Windows Media Center may be a little unhappy with the upgrade to Windows 10 as well, with its removal as a default application. Over successive versions, Media Center was upgraded significantly to include support for high-definition TV, CableCard based tuners and an SDK that enables apps from third-party sources like Netflix as well as support for playback of Blu-ray discs. Now that it’s gone, users will need to look for alternatives such as the popular media player, VLC, which will provide most of the functionality found in the old Windows Media Center.

So should you upgrade to Windows 10 or not? It mostly comes down to personal preference. A lot of Windows 8 users are welcoming the new Windows 10 as it has rectified a lot of past errors, such as the Settings pages, which had some settings only available via the settings “app”, with other settings only available through Control Panel. Bugs and glitches that occurred in the Windows 8.1 rollout – notably some models of Toshiba laptops, where touch screen functionality would be lost completely – have been fixed as well. If you’re still a Windows 7 user and are still happy with it, then it can be worth it to hold off on the upgrade, at least to give Microsoft enough time to refine the new platform. It should be noted that “mainstream” support for Windows 7 last year though, which means any updates to the platform are purely for security reasons and no further design or feature requests will be considered. Security update support for Windows 7 isn’t due to be phased out until January 2020.