Google’s not the only cloud storage provider that’s stepping up with businesses and projects. Major competitor Dropbox has also recently come out with its new feature “Dropbox Paper”, a collaboration tool to help teams of multiple users work together in a single shared space.

Dropbox Paper’s aim is to be an all-in-one work tool, with the main goal centralising tasks and related files for collaborative projects. The tool itself is available both as a web app (for use in a browser on desktops) and a downloadable mobile app. Users can create and share text documents through a lightweight interface, and users can add rich media, code snippets or task checkboxes into their documents. For those who really value a completely minimalistic approach to content creation and sharing, Dropbox Paper is something of a unique option.

Efficiency is a key part of profitability for any business, and every day new platforms are being released to help you optimise your workflow. If you’re finding yourself short on time, making use of these productivity tools may be the game-changer that saves you minutes, hours, or even days.