Whether you work in retail or are an avid online shopper, you’ve likely heard the big news that Amazon is coming to Australia. So why exactly is it a big deal, and what does it mean for local businesses?

One of the most common complaints about Australian retail from a shoppers is the unreasonably high pricing, even by global standards. For many, Amazon has been seen as a way of opening up local customers to vendors that may sell goods at lower prices.  Australians already have access to a limited range of goods from Amazon.com.au, and having an Amazon warehouse set up on Australian soil is expected to bring about a wider range of products and faster delivery. As the US Amazon site offers almost everything from groceries, clothing and fashion to furniture and power tools, Amazon.com.au will progressively be offering the same.

This has caused a stir among big name companies such as Harvey Norman and Myer, as Amazon are seeking to ‘destroy the retail environment in Australia’. Amazon have stated that they see enormous opportunity in the Australian market due to the prices being too high. As businesses are unsure on how to compete with Amazon, some local retailers are now looking to work in with Amazon as a new channel to reach their customers.

Amazon can work as a new sales outlet for most retailers, which can help extend their reach to more customers. Alongside traditional brick and mortar stores, Australian manufacturers will soon have another platform at their disposal to push their products out to market, both within Australia and into global markets.

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